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Carbide drawing dies

Carbide drawing dies
Product name : Carbide drawing dies
Item : copper drawing dies
Details :
Product type:Type12、Type S13、Type22

Type 12 for non-ferrous metal wire drawing die, size range is0.4~8, work area angle of 16 degrees; type S13can pull the non-ferrous metal rod, the size range of3.7~84, working angle of 20 degrees;22 for non-ferrous metal rod and tubing tensile modulus, size range2.8 ~ Phi Phi in 88, the work area for24-30DEG angle. Die various types differ mainly in the work area in different angles, on the basis of drawing at the compression rate dependent.

Wire drawing die life and out of the surface quality of the products is mainly decided by the mold core of hard alloy materials and processing of surface roughness, the processing precision.

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